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Program Overview
The Pastoral Studies Institute of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in collaboration with the Urban Governing Board offers training for ministry in the City of Milwaukee to African American Lutheran Christians. The name of this program is the Joshua Urban Ministry Program (JUMP). Joshua of the Old Testament Scriptures is an appropriate namesake for this program in that he received mentoring from Moses to prepare him to lead Israel into the Promised Land. JUMP offers classroom training alongside this kind of one-on-one mentoring. The students in the program will receive academic instruction from various instructors and mentors as arranged through the Pastoral Studies Institute of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Each student’s primary mentor and instructor will be their home pastor. 
JUMP will prepare people from Milwaukee to reach and to serve people in Milwaukee. JUMP acknowledges that urban Black Lutheran Christians urgently desire to reach out to their neighbors with the gospel of Jesus. JUMP acknowledges that these Christians are in an excellent position to carry out this mission. JUMP will primarily draw its student base from the WELS community in the  Milwaukee area. WELS elementary and secondary schools. JUMP intends to capitalize on the foundation laid by Milwaukee area WELS ministries by providing the additional training required to send workers into this harvest field. .... click below to read more

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