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Our Training Program

The first two levels comprise a Bible Institute program. The student may begin this Bible Institute phase with the approval of the JUMP Governing Board. This first phase of the program is open to any member of a WELS congregation—male or female—in Milwaukee. The second phase of this curriculum is for men who want to pursue training to become a WELS pastor through JUMP. The PSI will administer the JUMP curriculum with input and consultation from the JUMP Governing Board.
Students who wish to enroll in the pastoral training levels of JUMP—levels three and four—will petition the JUMP Governing Board to submit their application to the Pastoral Studies Institute Executive Committee of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. This committee, upon approval of the student’s application, will then forward the application to the faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. 
JUMP students and their pastor will meet annually with the JUMP Governing Board so that the board may encourage and troubleshoot appropriately through the student’s entire participation in the training program. 
When the student has successfully completed all levels of training including a vicar (practical) training component, the student will be recommended to the faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary to receive a Bachelor of Divinity (for students who completed all courses in the biblical languages) or a Bachelor of Theology. The student will interview with the president of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary as part of final recommendation to the faculty for graduation. As a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary through the PSI’s Joshua Urban Ministry Program, the student will upon assignment be received into the ministerium of the WELS.

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