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Board Members / Professors


Chuqee Fletcher

Board Member

He serves Milwaukee as the Dean of Culture at Shining Star Christian schools.


Dr. Paul Steinberg

Academic Dean

He has served Milwaukee since 2008 at St. Marcus and now at schools and sites around the city as Executive Director of Chaplains in Schools.


Pastor Aaron Robinson

Board President

He grew up in Milwaukee and has served it as the campus pastor for Wisconsin Lutheran High School and as pastor of Fairview Lutheran Church.  He currently serves as Professor of Cultural Diversity at Martin Lutheran College.


Milton Cockroft

Teaching Coordinator

He serves Milwaukee at Atonement Lutheran Church now but has served in different ways including the Pathways program.


Pastor Mark Jeske


He has serves Milwaukee at St. Marcus Lutheran Church.  He has taught: Black & White Lutherans


Ron Kelly

JUMP Student / Board Advisor

He serves as pastoral assistant at St. Marcus Lutheran Church and School in Milwaukee.  While he continues his pastoral training through the JUMP program, he advises the JUMP board.

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